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Nature Park Papuk, Croatia


Papuk Nature Park is a place to enjoy the snow and nature. There is no one in the forest, we met five people, while the lake was crowded. Mostly parents came with their children to go sledding. If you want to walk, leave, and come earlier, to get back before dark. We chose the tour Velika-Duboka-Jezerce-Jankovac (https://www.pp-papuk.hr/outdoor-aktivnosti/planinarske-ture/). We left the car by the camp and set off on foot. The main trail was very muddy. Trucks are pulling wood from the forest, and affected by rain and snow, quite a bit of mud has formed along the trail. The mud is also hidden in the forest under snow and leaves, so watch out for the downhills. The muddy wide road-road is walked about halfway along the stream to the turn into the forest. The last 20 minutes or so there is a steeper descent to the lake, so be careful. All together there and back is about 15 km and it took us 4.5 hours of easy walking with stops. You will be literally muddy to the knees when you get back, but happy with rosy cheeks. Take spare clothes and changing shoes upon return. The mountain lodge was closed (due to the coronavirus), only the info center was open, so bring food and water. You can also reach the lake by car, by road from Velika, and there are other roads from the upper side of the Virovitica area.

A snowy forest, silence, the beauty of nature and the sound of squeaking snow underfoot await you. We enjoyed it! 9-1-21

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