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Natural phenomenon - the spring of Krušnica

☀️Krušnica is a river in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The spring of the river Krušnica is located 5 km from Bosanska Krupa, near the settlements of Gudavac and Vranjska.

🌿If you go on a tour of this river, you and your car should be ready for a bumpy ride, which in the end brings an incredible reward.
We parked the car next to the facility that most likely belongs to the fishing society and continued our journey on foot along the river bank. Each step provides an amazing sight.
I can't remember how long it took us to get to the spring, but it really doesn't matter. Here time stands still and trust me, you will forget you own a cell phone, unless you want to capture the moment with a photo.

💧One of the most interesting facts related to this river is that its whole course is drinkable. Latest speleo-diving expedition confirmed that the spring of Krušnica is a very rare, completely ecologically preserved spring with a rich speleo-fauna and incredible amounts of drinking water. 

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