Adventures Highlights

Being outdoor enthusiasts as you are - Avanturistic team members enjoy seeing outdoor locations that you have shared and discovering new places daily. 

We really appreciate when you share your personal impressions, draw trails and write insightful facts about outdoor locations so we picked some of the most informative adventures that gives us all a little bit more of a perspective about amazing outdoor locations that we haven't seen or heard of before. 




Big Bend National Park - What do you get when you cross a cactus and a mountain lion?

Big Bend National Park, United States of America

By Jacquelyn Schodlbauer




Winter hike

Robertville, Belgium


By Eevannis 


Interesting Facts

Natural phenomenon - the spring of Krušnica

Bosanska Krupa, Bosnia and Herzegovina

By Aya 


What was the adventure location on Avanturistic that made you think "I would love to visit this."?

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