5 remarkable outdoor adventures in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small country in Southeast Europe, known for its rich tradition, delicious food and friendly people. In addition, thanks to its amazing and diverse nature, this country is a real small paradise for anyone who wants to embark on an adventure.

For all those craving for adrenaline or charms offered by the colorful nature, we have prepared a list of 5 outdoor adventures that will surely make you want to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina.

So let's dive into the list...


1Gyrocopter flight above Sarajevo

For all those who crave for a dose of adrenaline in controlled conditions, a gyrocopter flight over Sarajevo is the perfect choice. 

A gyrocopter is a hybrid between a helicopter and an airplane - an open aircraft with two seats. The rotor of the gyrocopter is always in auto-rotation, so it is not driven by the engine but by the air flow, which is why it can continue to fly and land safely even in the event of engine failure.

Thanks to the minimum speed of 35 km/h (and up to 120 km/h cruise speed), the flight in gyrocopter over Sarajevo can become an incredible panoramic experience of getting to know the city and its surroundings from a completely different perspective.

The flight is organized by the FUNFLY team and accompanied by their pilot. The price of the flight varies depending on the flight duration, and everything is arranged according to the wishes of the passenger. This flight can be a liberating experience and a great choice for overcoming the fear of heights and flying.

If you are still in doubt whether this experience is the right choice for you, we think that the video of this adventure below will completely convince you to soar among the clouds and breathe life into your lungs.

See more from this adventure here or contact FUNFLY team directly and ask for information.


2Rafting & kayaking on emerald green river "Una"

If you still haven't visited the "Una" river and enjoyed going down its rapids, we think it's time to start packing and get ready for your visit to the city of Bihać.

The "Una" river is one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we can freely say in the whole of Europe as well. Its rapids and clear, emerald water attracts tourists from all over the world. In addition to its beautiful beaches and vacation spots, for adrenaline lovers, the city of Bihać offers rafting tours with experienced skippers, who know the wild power of this river.

The price for this experience is a real trifle, and varies from € 23 to € 42 , depending on the length of the tour. The offer includes equipment, guides, insurance, transportation, and most often a welcome drink.

If you want to experience this river in a more peaceful way and enjoy at beaches in river Una canyon, the city of Bihać also offers a canoe safari. Canoe/kayak safari will allow you to connect with nature in a new and unique way. Thanks to the experience and kindness of the skipper, who takes care of the safety and mood of each of the visitors, this adventure is suitable for the youngest, but also the most demanding among you, and we can guarantee that you will definitely want to come back again.


3Rock climbing and via ferrata in Blagaj

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country where the culture of sport climbing is gaining more and more fans.

This is not surprising given the potential that its nature offers for the development of this sport. One of the most famous climbing areas in the country is certainly the climbing area in Blagaj - "sector Rebro" with about 80 routes, whose difficulty ratings vary from 3 to potential eights.

Within the climbing area there is also the Eco Center Blagaj, where visitors can often be part of educational lectures related to sport climbing. For fans of via ferrata, Blagaj is also the right choice, since in 2016 the via ferrata through the Vulin Potok canyon was completed.

The benefits of this area have also been recognized by the slackline community, and the climbing area in Blagaj has become a perfect place for this type of activity. Slackline, but also highline with an incredible view attracts an increasing number of adventure tourism enthusiasts.

Do you think it's time for you to feel the thrill of climbing rocks or walk in the air among the magical rocks of Blagaj? We agree, let the adventure begin!

For more information contact BlagajClimbing directly.


4Skiing and snowboarding on the Olympic mountains

You will certainly not make a mistake if you decide to spend the winter holidays on one of the mountains that surround the city of Sarajevo.

Title "Olympic" mountains reffers to 1984's Winter Olympics held on Jahorina, Bjelašnica, Igman and Trebević mountains. The choice of adventures on this mountains is very wide, whether you opt for an active holiday or a peaceful enjoyment by the fireplace.

Skiing and snowboarding in the Olympic mountains can be a wonderful experience. For the skiing/snowboarding on marked trails and using ski lifts prices vary from € 13 to € 28. If you decide to ski on Bjelašnica, the purchased ticket is also valid for the ski resort on the mountain Igman, while for skiing on Jahorina you will still have to pay a separate ticket.

If you are looking for a higher dose of adrenaline, the local snowboard & ski enthusiasts will most likely show you wild skiing trails too. 

For those who prefer hiking, these mountains are a real little chest of many hiking trails and amazing landscapes, interesting to explore at any time of the year. From the last Bosnian village Lukomir on Bjelašnica, where you can see old  indigenous Bosnian houses, but also buy local products, to the remains of the bobsled track on Trebević. Bobsled track, although destroyed, still leaves a strong impression on every visitor. The list of places like this in these mountains is endless, and it’s up to you to release your adventure spirit and discover some of them.


5Hiking in primeval forest "Perućica"

One of the magical outdoor experiences can be found in the ancient forest "Perućica".

The Perućica is one of last and most preserved virgin forests in Europe. It belongs to National Park Sutjeska wich has a  missions to conserve National Park Sutjeska with main accent on the preservation of Perućica forest.

Perućica area spreads on 14.34 km², set beneath Maglić (2,386 m), the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and magnificent Zelengora mountain divived by Sutjeska river canyon.

The age of this forest is estimated to 20,000 years and in 2017. Perućica is nominated for UNESCO world heritage list. It is a paradise for nature lovers enriched by mass of beautiful beeches, firs and spruces, some of them 300 years old and up to 50m tall. 

The most parts of Perućica are impenetrable because of the forest density and strict nature reserve policy, but there are organised tours wich leads you to magnificent wonderful "Skakavac" (70m tall) with prices from € 50 to € 60

You can experience a touch of this magic forest in video below. 

Each of this outdoor adventures will give you outstanding experience and allow you to feel Bosnia and Herzegovina in unique way.

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