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AVANTURISTIC's mission is to help you promote your work in outdoor photography, videos and blog stories. We also allow you to promote your adventure tourism services for free.

Our main goal is local tourism promotion and creating the world map of outdoor adventures. Our secondary goal is to help you find outdoor activities near you, and give you useful information.



Discover new travel destinations and impressions from personal outdoor adventures with locations, routes, photos and videos.

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All adventures are location based. You can see approximate distance from your position to outdoor adventure's location. Your default location rest on your network provider and distances may be inaccurate. By enabling location services and clicking "Update Location" button you will get more precise distance.



Every country has its own hidden gems. Help us find them and share your country treasure with outdoor enthusiasts all around the world. Together we can build an amazing map of adventures and the best place to start is in front of you. 

Add locations, routes, photos, videos and get involved in creating the world map of outdoor adventures!

Promote your YouTube's videos and embed videos or posts from other social networks. YouTube's videos will appear in Latest Video section of an app.


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Share your outdoor adventure stories, impressions from your recent trips and travels and give others some useful information & tips. You are welcome to promote your blogs, social network pages and YouTube videos! 


Promote your adventure tourism services

If you provide adventure tourism services, feel free to promote your services, including locations, photo, videos, contact and  website links and help tourists find and contact you.


Promote your country

Let us all see popular and unpopular locations in your country that you admire the most. Share your favorite spots.

Draw trails and routes

Draw  routes, trails, or directions by tapping  button on the map. See this quick tutorial on How to draw routes for your adventures.



You have any extra info or tips on outdoor adventure's location? You are welcome to share it through comments section. 



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