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"Bosnian Colorado"

🌵The sand pyramids not far from Foča are an incredible natural phenomenon, and because of their appearance they are popularly known as "Bosnian Colorado".
They are located only nine kilometers from Foča, next to the old road towards Miljevina, and further towards Sarajevo and Kalinovik, in the village of Daničići on the location of Šljivovica.

🏞️The view of these pyramids is really calming, and when the surroundings around them turns green in the summer, the color contrast is perfect.
The pyramids were built of sandy clay from which small material was gradually removed.
There is also a wooden, covered gazebo on site, which can serve as a great place to relax.

🏚️On the way to the location we also came across the abandoned motel Ehos (Miljevina), which has a somewhat dark past, but this does not diminish its architectural value.

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