Great War Island kayak adventure

Great War Island is a protected nature reserve in Belgrade, located at the mouth of the Sava River in the Danube, and truly is a paradise for nature lovers.
You can visit the island with the help of various watercraft – with us you will see it in the most beautiful way, rowing around it with kayak.
It represents a rare opportunity to see Belgrade from a different perspective and in a different way than usual.
This adventure is very interesting, fulfilled with wild nature, although we are in the very center of the city.


Adventure description:

The plan is to start from our club , where you will get the needed equipment (safety vests, paddle and kayak).
Before we start, the instructor will introduce you to the basics of rowing and kayaking – prior knowledge isn’t needed.

We will be rowing to the beach Lido (located on the northern part of the island), and if the weather is adequate, we can have a swim in the river. Further we’ll continue along the coast and make a circle around the Great War Island and return to the starting point.
This adventure lasts 2 hours, but if you want it can take longer.

– For this adventure it is necessary to dress sportily according to the weather conditions. This is a water sport, and we often get wet, so spare wardrobe is desirable.
– Our kayaks are stable, sit in kayaks (You can choose
between kayaks with one or two seats)
– During the kayak adventure, the instructor will take photos and
videos of you – that souvenir is going to be sent via e-mail.
– The price of the adventure is 25.00 EUR per person.
– Adventures are held every day at 11:00 am, but there is a possibility to adapt the adventure time to you and your needs.

e-mail: nofatnostress1@gmail.com
by phone: +381(0)62/771182 whatsapp, viber,

facebook/instagram: @nofatnostress

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Great War Island

44° 50.365 N 20° 25.502 E
Satellite Map
44° 50.365 N 20° 25.502 E