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Wichita Mountains- I thought Oklahoma was a fly-over state?!

Let me preface this by saying that Oklahoma has been my home for the past 3 years and now that I am headed to the west, I have become a little more nostalgic to this odd little state. So, in honor of leaving, here are a few pictures of my favorite hiking location... the Wichita Mountains. 

These mountains have multiple hiking paths and camp grounds, and, if you are fond of bouldering, it is a great spot for that as well. The Wichita wildlife refuge is known for playing host to a number of wild animals including bison, prairie dogs, and colorful collared lizards and rattlesnakes.  The two hikes pictured is called the Bison trail and Charon's gardens. 

It is best to go during the winter months as Oklahoma is a friend to ticks and loves to share those friends with you and everything/one you hike with; but if you decide to endure these little pains and go during the spring, you will see beautiful wildflowers popping up to say hi and a shine of 500 million yr old granite running through the mountains. 

So, next time you decide to make it to the midwest... be sure to stop by and say hi to an American Bison or two at the Wichita Mountains. 

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