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Scottsbluff National Monument

Located in the western panhandle of Nebraska & part of the historic Oregon Trail, Scottsbluff is home to not one, but several other bluffs including the iconic Chimney Rock which is not exactly at this monument but is located about 20 miles away & can be seen πŸ‘€ from the top of the Scottsbluff overlook.
Scottsbluff  National Monument is named after a fur trapper by the name of Hiram Scott who died alone and deserted by his companions at the base of a the most iconic bluff in the park located at the monument in 1828. The formation became known among western travelers as "Scotts Bluff" (now Scotts Bluff National Monument), and would later provide a name for both the county (Scotts Bluff) and the City of Scottsbluff. 

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