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Custer State Park

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Custer State Park has been one of the most scenic places I have ever visited! I would recommend entering the park through the scenic Wildlife Loop Entrance and there you will see herds of Bison!!! As you make your way to the visitor center within the park, you'll pass deer along the way. Custer state park also has many lakes which offer picnic tables, boating, lodging, and several hiking 🥾 trails!!! If your looking for a scenic lake there, I would definitely recommend Sylvan Lake. Sylvan Lake is just one of the many beautiful lakes that Custer State Park has to offer. Believe it or not, Sylvan Lake is a man made lake that was created in 1881. The lake area offers picnic tables, rock climbing 🧗, boating🚣, swimming🏊, and 3 hiking 🥾 trails;  The Sunday Gulch trail (which I hiked), Black Elk Peak trail, and The Needles trail. 


Sylvan Lake was featured in Disney's 2007 movie 🍿🎥 National Treasure: Book of Secrets featuring Nicolas Cage & several other iconic acters. The film made the lake appear to be located directly behind Mount Rushmore when in reality it is actually five miles southwest of Mount Rushmore. 

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