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Love at Frost Site?

Welcome to winterwonderland!

Utah's Salt Lake City is where the 2002 Winter Olympics was held. We took a week to ski and snow shoe around snow basin and park city. Prewarning, both are a bit pricey (with snow basin being more expensive but with steeper runs), and I have been told by pros that Colorado still has the best 'bang for your buck' in terms of skiing,

But the peace and silence that comes with any location drizzled in white is rather blissful. 

Now, this is only my second time ever skiing... I am a southern girl born and raised who has only seen more than 10 inches of snow maybe three times in her whole life. 
If you are a complete noob like me... then snow basin is NOT enjoyable. The first timers hill is about 2 degrees versus the green runs which include 20 degree inclines and sharp over 90 degree turns that have a steep drop off if you miss. I'm not going to lie.. I don't shy away from adventure often but I had to stop and walk the rest of the way down on these. (I may or may not have shed a tear from embarrasment as others zoomed past me). Park City, on the other hand, was a blast for a beginner! The homerun trail had plenty of flat areas where you could coast and enjoy the scenes yet was also split off for more challenging runs. They also had about five more green run options than snow basin had. 

As for the snow shoe'ing in Park City,.... TOP NOTCH! We took elk valley hike and actually missed an entire herd of elk by just minutes. Their prints were still there for you to follow if you felt so inclined. We also saw a bald eagle sitting just feet above us, dip down and take flight. And the whole hike was very secluded while still feeling safe as, on different trails, a couple hundred feet below us, cross country skiers were out racing their dogs around the mountain. 

This may not be exactly my dream spot but for those who enjoy this winter blues, salt lake city will help warm your heart. 

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